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What is SPELL-Link'd?

SPELL-Link'd is a professional learning community where passionate professionals who use SPELL-Links and all speech-to-print structured literacy enthusiasts come together online to share stories, exchange ideas, ask questions, and see speech-to-print structured literacy in action. 

It's the place for everything you need to succeed with your SPELL-Links implementation. But you don't need to be using SPELL-Links products to benefit from this uniquely informative, supportive, and vetted community.

Read postings, participate in discussions, and attend events that are most interesting and relevant to you. Access premium content that will advance and empower you as you lead the way, make a difference, and experience the reward of using speech-to-print structured literacy instruction.

Benefits of joining SPELL-Link'd:

  • Become more proficient in your work with students.
  • Get exclusive access to Open Office Hours (online meetings) with SPELL-Links author Dr. Jan Wasowicz.
  • Refresh your work with students with new activity ideas.
  • Follow case study discussions and learn how to skillfully navigate “real life, real student” problems.
  • View Members Only SPELL-Links demos and tutorials to observe best practices and maximize student outcomes.
  • Discuss recently published research and empower yourself as an advocate for evidence-based practices.
  • Ask questions and get answers from SPELL-Links authors and other experts.
  • Download exclusive resources to share with parents, your team, school, district, or organization.
  • Receive product gifts, free seats at webinars, and special discounts.
  • Get sneak peeks at new products and be the first to know about upcoming events.
  • Build your confidence in the work you do with students.

Annual $65 subscription fee required for SPELL-Link'd.
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